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Safety First.

Absolutely polished cleaning services has become one of the leading cleaning companies in Kingston over the passed four years. With hospital back round cleaning, Owner operator, Ally Levesque started this business as a sub contractor and really noticed the need for a great cleaning company that not only delivered exceptional results every time but also could put a face to the service

We pride ourselves on in person quotes, tailored task lists, tailored schedules and 24/7 communication. Our staff are fully trained and deliver the standard expected everytime. Period

A new generation of cleaning and restoration concepts.

— Ally, Owner / Operator

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Work with us – we are always looking for assets to our team! We offer a full training period ensuring our standard of work is achieved. Competitive wages and flexible work schedules.

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Are you pet friendly ?

Yes, we love animals. We have no problem letting your dog outside if needed.

Do I have to leave the home while you clean?

No. While it makes things easier to have the empty space to clean, we understand that’s not always possible. It is your preference whether you stay or go during service.

What if you are under the quoted time?

You are always and only invoiced for the time spent in your home.

Is there a minimum time requirement?

Yes, our minimal time frame is 2 hours.

Do I need to sign any contracts?

No. We invoice per clean. If you are not happy with the service you are not obligated to continue.

Do you offer eco friendly products?

Yes. While all of our products are safe, we do offer a clean green line which we offer at no extra cost.

Any questions left?

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